Natural Tech Replumping shampoo, conditioner and superactive treatment by Davines now available!

The purpose of filling the hair, making it more elastic, compact and full bodied! The Replumping line uses antioxidants that fight free radicals and cellular ageing, and hyaluronic acid to restore lost elasticity.

Replumping Conditioner

Formulated to untangle, compact and give hair better elasticity. The selected active ingredients give moisturize and protect hair.

Replumping Shampoo

The selected active ingredients give elasticity, moisturize and protect hair during cleansing. The creamy texture produces thick, rich foam. It cleanses gently without altering hair structure.

Replumping Hair Filler Superactive leave-in

This no-rinse treatment compacts, tonifies and replumps hair structure. It gives hair longer lasting hold and excellent anti-humidity effect. Hair looks compact, voluminous and very shiny.